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Sharing leads the Community: Lesson from TechED

It’s not new that “sharing and caring spread more love”, I’m afraid if I wrote that as it used to be. Well, that’s the ethical aspect but similar logic applies in the knowledge base community. Sharing of knowledge helps the community to groom. I felt the importance of this aspect when I saw the Indian guys active in the community.

TechEd 2009, commenced on May 13 till 15. It was a great experience to be a part of Microsoft TechEd representing the MSP Community, New Summit College(my college) as well as Nepal. Actually, I attended the Web Developer Track, so the contents related to it might not be relevant on this site but I felt to share my views stressing on the importance of creating a knowledge base community.

In my opinion, apart from infrastructures and population advantage aspect, one of the major differences between the Indian IT Community and Nepalese IT Community is knowledge sharing capability. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, Country Manager, Microsoft MDP Nepal is the only privileged Microsoft MVP from Nepal. He’s honored with this tag because he’s serving the national and international community with his knowledge in Desktop Experience. I was surprised and impressed to see that people of my ages were in the post of MVP and when I made talks with some of them, I came to know, they all were among the top community contributors. Those few minutes talks expanded my dream to become a MVP in few years. We and the Indians inherit similar culture, regardless the infrastructures are less available to us. Still, we have the enthusiasm to develop our community on our own. India has developed to a great extent. In the mean time, our challenge is not to catch them with the technology but with the efforts and knowledge. Knowledge sharing is all what we need in the current context. Specifically, focusing on the students community, if I am not wrong very few or below 5% contribute to the community, which shows a negative sign.

The knowledge sharing professionals are the senior MVPs and well as the IT Professionals. I came across many MVPs in India. They are all due to their skills as well as their sociability. We Nepalese lack this character. The qualified IT Professionals are busy with their jobs and students are not fed the proper dosage of course to qualify for the market competition.

And the other problem is, there is lack of such local portals. Microsoft, last year launched two portals: www.msdnnepal.net and www.technetnepal.net for developers and IT Professionals respectively. Keeping in mind the present status of the Developer Community in Nepal, msdnnepal portal was launched but till date it hasn’t been proved that effective as it was expected to be. Successively, a new portal technetnepal, for IT Professionals was launched which gained some popularity and is somehow improving. The major issue is, people are not able to find relevant information on such portals. If Microsoft’s initiated portal is struggling, we can expect the condition of others in Nepal.

For now, all I can say is, Online sharing and Online activity develops the sociable character in a computer professional. Let’s learn a NICE habit from our neighbour.

“If our cultures seems to converge, why not the technologies”

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