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Configuring WLW for Community Blogs

WLW, my favorite blogging assistant is good with its parents, Live Spaces. I have not tried WordPress and other Blogs, rather I got a blog on technetnepal.net. Ohhh! was excited to blog and wrote a blog using WLW, but wasn’t easy for me to configure the blog settings.

Well, to those who are unaware of the WLW, its among the TLAs, that is the acronym of Windows Live Writer, a magnificent tool to blog with. I started blogging with Live Spaces, requested a blog on technetnepal and finally got my own blog. With Live Spaces, setting up a blog is just few clicks away, but setting up my technetnepal’s blog was some bit of work to me. I wanted to post my first blog using WLW, but couldn’t and I insisted on it. Later, around 3 weeks from the day I got the blog, don’t know what actually stroke into my mind or somebody filled in some tonics, I caught the real procedure and finally I was able to import my web blog settings to my WLW. If this post goes all well to the web, then my WLW configuration is a success.

When I successfully configured my blog, I found that I had to do nothing. Because WLW was intelligent enough to import the current theme settings as well as other settings too. I will be focusing the tehchnetnepal.net blog, for I have only that expect the spaces. The steps to configure a blog using WLW include:

  This window is just intended to show the valid credentials required to set up a Blog account using WLW.

“Pictures speak on their own”. I hope I had nothing to explain . If there’s something I’d be happy to answer. It’s a simple task to configure a blog with WLW. Writing blogs is even more interesting and comfortable. So, why not try it.


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