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Solving Matlab’s incompatibility with Windows on AMD Processor

Matlab’s website confers that they had switched over to hardware specific manufacturers; Intel’s Math Kernel Library(MKL), AMD’s Core Math Library, and and vecLib on the Mac (Matlab 7.0).

My PC has an AMD Processor and I run it on Windows7 for now. Before this, my old PC had an Intel Processor. So, after I bought my new PC, I got Matlab 7 from the market and when I tried to install it to my new PC, I came up with a problem. After installing around 1.5 gigs of software content, the only I could see was just a 2/3 second splash of Matlab. I thought, the problem was with the software, and still tried it on my old PC, but it worked well over there. So, I came to draw a conclusion,

“Matlab is not supported on PCs with AMD Processors”

And I would only be half correct if I say this, because,

“Matlab’s not supported on PCs with AMD Processors and Windows OS”

which means, Matlab works fine on PCs with AMD processors and non-Windows OS. But this wasn’t a great news to a guy like me, for I had no acquaintance with other OS. 

Although Matlab’s website has tried to show its compatibility with the AMD Processors, it failed to work how it was supposed to. I believe most of the AMD PCs are running on AMD Athlon Processors in the Windows Configuration, which actually Matlab fails to recognize, for some reason that I do not understand and then Matlab defaults to the Intel MKL in case of an unrecognized CPU, an unfortunate conflict for AMD users like me.

Then after, Matlab assumes the machine being run as an Intel Machine, and still use of Matlab is not possible. Now the problem seems to be a serious one, but it isn’t actually. Though Matlab had transition from ATLAS to hardware specific libraries, it continued to package ATLAS Libraries with the releases for some time. Now here starts a good news to all the victims because there exist libraries in our computer to run Matlab. All we need to do is, all couple of lines at the bottom of the Matlab’s BLAS Specification file. For those who are new to term BLAS, it is Basic Linear Algebra SubPrograms. Getting back to the BLAS- specification file, what it actually does is that, it tells Matlab which DLL file to use based on the processor model or type.

So, solution to this problem is just steps away. All we need to do is:

Open the following file in Notepad(the easiest one)


and then add the following two lines to the end of the file

AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model 12 atlas_Athlon.dll # Athlon 64 (Newcastle)
AuthenticAMD Family 15 Model * atlas_Athlon.dll # AMD64

That’s all, some troubles but had the solution. Now I can get my assignments done in my home too. I hope all those talks  before those two line codes added some knowledge to your information.

For queries, please do post back.

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