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ek Sansaar ek awaaz : Voicing the Voiceless

“ek Sansaar, ek Awaaz” which can be listened at Times FM 90.6 MHz every Sunday at 8:05 am is not only a Radio Program indeed. With the joint efforts of Forum for Information Technology and OneWorld South Asia and never the less Times FM 90.6, this program is aimed to a establish a community where the voices of even the grassroots could be heard.

Not very often but I had listened to this program quite a few times and I found it interesting. Then, I immediately got into the internet and BINGED!! about it. Well, I hope everyone gets what am I talking about. And then I came to know, the concept was not only to make the programs, but to involve each and every element of the community into this effort. And this is very real, in a sense that these things make a real difference to the society, as countries like Nepal where still visual broadcasting seems to be a problem would benefit people of rural area easily.

But whatever, people say, or the internet says, I feel that this program is intended to create an interactive community. Radio broadcasting is very much popular in our country. Thus, it aims to educate people through Radio Programs. And the presenter for this program, ahhhh!! I do not exactly remeber (her) name now……..but she’s doing a fantastic job. I heard her name once in the radio, but could not memorize it.

To develop a community, to develop a society, an urge in people’s mind has to be implanted and this exactly seems to be the thing that ek Sansaar ek Awaaz is doing. People who do not have experience of what this program actually is, must tune to Times FM 90.6 mhz, every Sunday morning at 8:05 am.

“It’s we who want to develop, It’s we who can develop, Lets create a real community”

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