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My First Radio Interview

Enrollment into the Microsoft Student Partners(MSP) Program as an MSP has always been productive and beneficial. All those trainings, workshops, clinic labs and many other community programs are things to be noted. It’s a great pleasure and luck to be an MSP which later turned out into a Passion. I will never forget this state of transition.

June 16, at around 10:30 pm when I was chatting with some of the MSPs and some of my friends, Prashant Dhewaju, a jubilant MSP from Kantipur Engineering College, Dhapakhel asked me to give an interview briefing on what actually MSP program is. I instantly said yes and then asked whom was I accompanied by; and the answer was quite simple and expected: an MSP :-). Well, later I came to know, the other MSP was Sabina Agrawal, a dynamic and brilliant representative of Kathmandu Engineering College to the Microsoft Community. So, I was excited about the coming day and went to Unlimited Technologies, where the interview had to be recorded. So, I went there and just had some chit chats with experts over there. One thing was sure that, I was waiting for Sabina, my interview partner. Both of us were blank on what to say, coz both of us were Roll No. 1 in case of such an experience, hehe…. So, finally Sabina arrived and we just talked around and went for the lunch and Sabina couldn’t eat all the ten veg. MoMos, shhhhh…….. its a top secret ! !

So, post lunch session introduced us into the recording room. Personally, I was blank on what to say, and what to talk. But the program host, Gandip Khaling and Gita ‘didi’ made us feel so comfortable such that for a while we forgot that we were there to face an interview and then the confidence raised up to some level. Until now, both of us were comfortable enough to move on with the show.

But a big problem was, the recording room. Ohh, God!! such a hot room. I remeber myself collecting all the sweats into my handkerchief. Actually, I wasn’t habituated to such situations and environment. However, the environment was, the show then started and began to become an interactive one.

Firsltly, Gandip introduced both of us and the first question was asked to ……………………………bla bla……

Tune into Times FM 90.6 mhz, coming Sunday, 21st June at 8:05 am for the complete program, hehe. If I say all the details of the show now, what would people do when the program will be broadcasted on Sunday?? So please tune into Times FM.

But more importantly, I have to make a note that, people are still unaware of the MSP Program. And since this is the season of taking new MSPs into the community, I hope our views and experience on MSP program would provide needed information to those who are interested about this program. But I assure you that, I’ll definitely blog after my interview will be broadcasted. Till then, keep a regular eye on the Calendar and the Clock.

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  1. Ravi
    June 19, 2009 at 8:22 pm

    Good yaar!We hope to hear more of them in future!

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