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Getting Started with Umbraco–Warm Up

January 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Before we get started with using a powerful CMS called Umbraco, its better to learn about the requirements. Umbraco( is an open-source Content Management System(CMS) completely built on web technology. So, quickly getting into the components that an Umbraco CMS requires to function in our local system are:

  • IIS Server with support – to host the Umbraco CMS source code
  • .net Framework 3.5 or above
  • A Database Server to host the CMS data – either MS-SQL Server 2005/2008 or MySQL Server

These are the functional requirements and component-wise. In my opinion, adding these components to the system should be fairly easy, even though I will explain it step-wise:

Installing the IIS Server on Windows 7

Go to Control Panel

And click on the link Programs or Programs and Features (differs from the mode of view).

Then click on “Turn Windows features on or off” and this should open a new dialog window as:


So, make sure that you select the marked services as shown in figure. Also make sure that you get the ‘tick’ sign but not the ‘square-filled’ sign. So clicking OK button will do the rest of the task for us. If the machine is in a good state of operation then this should be taking around 3/4 minutes of time. And we will be done with the installation of our first two component requirements.

Moving on to the third component, its our choice on using an appropriate database server. It’s a good thing that Umbraco supports both MS-SQL Server and MySQL Server. So depending on our choice, we can use any of them. For me, MySQL is a light server but the express edition of SQL Server 2008 is also a lighter one. And these can be downloaded from: –> SQL Server 2008 Express Edition –> MySQL Server

**Note : Since, I am equally a developer in PHP technology, I use the MySQL Server incorporated within the XAMPP installer package, which is a package of PHP, MySQL, etc. So, again I say, choice is ours and is totally independent.

So here we are done with gathering the basic component requirements to run our Umbraco CMS. Not to keep this article too long and boring, I will simply write down the URL to download the Umbraco’s source code, which is freely available from codeplex site:

Download the latest release from here.

Also take a peek at the Umbraco’s official download page:

if u happen to visit this page, you will notice that there are two different ways to achieve a successful installation:

  1. Using Web Platform Installer(WPI)
  2. Downloading the build version of Umbraco and install it manually.

Installation from the first approach should be fairly an easy task because it merely involves steps other than Next and Next.

But, here we will be following the second option,which is a little difficult than the former. And that should be continued in the next topic, which may be tomorrow.

c ya’ then !