Swaabhimaan 2009: GET – SET – GO!

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April 24, Friday afternoon greeted a grand IT event of Nepal at DECC, Tripureshwor. Swaabhimaan 2009 was launched at about 3:30 with the salute to the Nepali National Anthem. What a co-incidence it was that, this day is the "Loktantra Diwas", i.e. the Pro-democracy day, which showed its tribute to the country and the Nepali Nationals. Every individual at the DECC Hall International Dignitaries inclusive, standing and paying tribute to the National Anthem welcomed "Swaabhimaan 2009".
Live Blog Link:
A diversified event, which is expected to lead the nEw Nepal as E-Nepal. Two days conference which will commence from tomorrow, will be on the target of thousands of viewers in and accross the country. This facility is provided though the Live Blogging at TechNetNepal.net.
TechNetNepal.net will have its blog updated in each and every session so even if you miss the event, you should not regret about it.
For now all I can say is:
Be there to be in IT !
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18th April, Saturday, a BUSY DAY

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April 18, 2009, the day started well. I was excited about the day’s events, coz I was participating in my Leo Club’s Blood Donation Program as well as in the 10th MSP Meeting.

Well, early at 6 I got up and then went to the venue for the Blood Donation Program. Nothing was started then. So, all our club members gathered and then arranged the necessary requirements for the program. We could see no one over there even by 7 AM, but as soon we started our works arranging the venue, passersby looked at us curiously. It was a moment to remember, me riding my scooter and my pal Leo Rakesh carrying a bunch of chairs in his head at the back seat…So, we serve the society with FUN. That’s what LEO also describes: “Let’s ENJOY Ourselves”. Till 9 AM we all worked very hard and one thing to be noted was that till this moment I hadn’t eaten anything not even a single drop of water. Then I had to leave the venue, for I had to leave for the 10th MSP Meeting. So I left at 9:30.

As I went to my home, nothing was ready to eat and I had to leave with my stomach left ‘vacant’. And I went to Khichhapokhari, Newroad to attend the meeting.

The meeting was said to commence at 10 AM sharp and I reached exactly at 9:58(according to my watch), but I could see only one participant at the meeting hall, Gaurab Raj Pant, an MSP from CITE. So, I entered the hall without any hesitation and then greeted Allen sir and shook hand with Gaurab. So due to the unavailability of the corium for the meeting, the meeting commenced 30 minutes later but during those 30 minutes we looked at the preview of Windows Mobile 6, which was a cool one.

The meeting then started at 10:30 a.m. with the photochain of MSPs on the big LCD. I guess, we saw Anita(one of the MSPs) at first. Then, Allen sir asked if anyone’s photo is not shown in the photo chain and I simply raised my hand but everyone said that they saw my photo and I was HAPPY :-).

Then after, our meeting did not went as per the pre-listed agenda. Allen sir quoted something like:

“Saturday is the day for dating, ahh who’s gonna waste time for meeting?”

And he introduced a new concept: “SPEED DATING”. I liked this very much. All we had to do was, choose a A4 sheet paper from 7 pieces where the following topics were listed and we should speak on the choosen topic. It was pretty simple.

  • ELMS
  • PASS Nepal Chapter
  • MSDNNepal.net
  • TechNepal.net
  • InstallFest

Believe me, I knew about all the topics except the install fest and guess what, when I chose the paper, InstallFest came into my hand. But I exchanged it with Prashant bro from KEC and Prashant bro exchanged it with, ummmm I guess Richa from KCM. And the ‘Speed Dating’ program was postponed to be continued after 12(as lights would go off).

In the previous MSP meetings, one thing was quite common, we all felt like attending a seminar, though we had an open discussions and all and we had our independence of expressing the views. But the 10th MSP meeting was quite different. Rather than a presenter giving a series of presentations to the attendees sitting in rows of chairs, we were asked to arrange the chairs in U Shape so that every person could see each other’s face.

Now one of the most interesting part was the brief preview of Microsoft Students to Business, which I think Allen sir will post in his blog later.

After then we had a long long discussion on ‘How could Microsoft give value to MSPs?’. During this discussion, lights went off. Many queries were raised and I believe all of them were properly answered by Allen sir, who was assisted by Shailendra sir, the Community Lead…

Ohhh, hungry from the previous night, I was so tired, then a staff of Unlimited Nepal brought coffee, then I just jumped into it. I was damn hungry. With that I got some support for the rest of the time.

And then after, our ‘Speed Dating’ resumed, with Sabina as the first speaker, who had to speak about technetnepal.net for 2 mins(continuously)…but she did last for 30 seconds ;-), and I was the one to rank her giving 10 points.

My turn was second. I talked about ELMS for about 2 mins but missed out many things, but Sabina presented me (100-10) = 90 points, which was infact the winning point. I was very eager to go and speak infront of people and I had no past experiences of such things, esp in English Language. But I tried my best.

Then successively, Richa, Gaurab, Prashant, Ram Hari talked on Install Fest, PASSNepal Chapter, MSDNNepal.net, MSDNAA respectively.

But what Ram Hari talked about MSDNAA was a matter of contradiction, because he was totally out of topic which he was meant to talk about.

All the participants of ‘Speed Dating’ received a Mobile Screen Cleaner. I wish I could show u all.

Well, this section also ended and I though we were at the end. Then, Allen sir said:

“I’ve a special gift for someone, whom I don’t know. The person who writes names of all the people in this hall will receive a Shirt, which I have in this bag(he said that by showing the bag)”.

I wasn’t really interested to participate, coz I didn’t knew the names of all the attendees, and so didn’t anybody out there. So, again I made up my mind. The rule was that, the name must be verified from the person whose name was written and it was upto the that person whether or not to award a point. Normally, 1 point was awarded for the full name correct answer and others negotiable.

Guess what?? I earned the highest points, that is 13 and got the Shirt, where Allen sir said,

“Here you have the shirt. I hope your size is 44.”

And I forgot to mention about Microsoft Swabhimaan which is starting on 24-27 April, 2009. We also had a discussion for about an hour on this topic. It was a matter of great pleasure that MSPs were given the task of program reporting, whose committee coordinators were Gaurab and Anup.

Also Sabina was choosen as ‘CC’(that’s how Allen sir says) for the ‘Bhasha WorkShop” which is to be conducted in the near future.

With all these discussions, the 10th MSP Meeting lasted for about 5 hours. Ohhh GOD, I was so tired that after reaching home I din do anything. I missed the Blood Donation Program, but I do not regret because THE MEETING WASN’T A FIVE HOUR WASTE.

That’s all I could blog about a busy Saturday!!

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An Orientation Program on Leoism

April 3, 2009 12 comments

April 03, 2009 (Chaitra 21, 2065), Friday. It was a public holiday coz the day was Chaitra Dashain and Ram Nawami, one of the greatest festivals for Hindus of all time. Because of the public holiday, Leo Club of Kathmandu Horizon, which is a non-profitable international organization that I am involved in conducted an Orientation Program where a senior member of Leo Club of Kathmandu Chabahil shared his experiences in Leoism and described the terminologies that are applicable in Leoism. By the way, Leo Kritan Gautam is my elder brother in relation. This program was scheduled to last for a maximum of 1 hour but it lasted for about more than 3 hours. Aww! I am so hungry that I couldn’t really catch up what my brother was speaking. But afterwards, the program got interesting.

Actually this program was intended to provide knowledges to all the candidates appearing for the upcoming ‘Board of Directors Election’. I believe everyone who attended the meeting gained a lot, coz this was a very good orientation program indeed.


Long Live Leoism and Lionism

Leo Kushal Gautam

Leo Club of Kathmandu Horizon

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April 2, 2009 2 comments

April 02, 2009 AD(20 Chaitra, 2065), Jubilant College and Research Centre, it was the third paper of my board exam of second semester. The paper was ‘Microprocessor’. Almost all of the students who were there to give the exam didn’t seem to be well prepared and I could not be an exception. Messed up with the heavy syllabus, my mind was not in the state to appear in the exam.

But the exam started at the scheduled time which was 3 hours long. But there was a hint of a drama to begin after 1 hour had passed. Few of the guys who appeared in the exam gave away their exam papers for, some questions were out of track. I was about to DROP the exam but I dunno what did stop me from doing that. Every question I saw seemed strange. But 1 hour later after the exam had started, I gained some pace in finishing the question. In this way those three hours passed away.

Now the actual drama started after the completion of the exam. I was about to leave for my home. Then suddenly, guys of other colleges who appeared in the exam approached us and requested us to join then in protesting against TU. All the students gathered up and then shouted at the Front Gate of JCRC, Kalimati, Kathmandu. And when the principal of JCRC heard this noise, he came to us and asked us about the problem. Then he agreed to help us in the way he could. He called Mr. Tanka Dhamala, the Department Head of Department of Science and Technology, TU. But he denied to come over there. Then all the students again gathered up and decided not to let those papers get out of JCRC. So, the students from all the 5 colleges signed in a paper and locked the room where the answer sheets were kept. Doing this, we are hopeful that TU will respond to us. Five Representatives from Five Colleges hold the key of the room that has been locked. Hopefully TU will improve its standard of syllabus and remove its irregularity, since our 6 months academic course has been delayed to about 0 months and if this continues, we will be the one to suffer. TU keeps moving in its own orthodox style.

So whenever your exam’s paper has come out of track, then the action should be taken immediately, as we did today. I dunno what shall we expect from TU about this matter but this has shown the irresponsibility of the department heads towards the students.

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Blogging Workshop : Second Day

March 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Blogging Workshop: A Journey of Discovery. The second day of this workshop was organized specially for the MSPs and it was a journey of discovery indeed. This program was scheduled to start at 10:00 but it started 30 minutes later. Mr. Allen Tuladhar, The Country Manager, Microsoft MDP Nepal gave a very brief introduction on the Live Services that were available.
Then all the MSPs were taken a photograph each holding a blank A4 sized paper, which was ultimately to be worked to the DeepZoom Project.

Then again back to the blogging workshop, where our blog master Mr. Suran Maharjan had a quick recap on the previous day’s program. After that all the attendees created their live space(blog space on windows live), with the step-wise instruction of the instructors, Mr. Allen, Mr. Suran, Er. Ganesh, n others too..

After the lunch session, we had discussions on the previous day’s program from the organizer’s point of view and also discussed on the remedies. Again to make the best use of electricity, we continued our journey and in the near end session Er. Ganesh Regmi conducted a very interactive session on WindowsLive Workspace, which indeed was a very new service feature to most of the participants.

Then all the MSPs were asked to jot down their personal details specifying their field of interest/expertise.

At the end, all the MSPs signed on a ‘Thanks Letter" which was to be submitted to the principal of KEC college for their hospitality.

Benefits at the Day-end:

About Windows Space
Windows Live WorkSpace
Windows LiveMail
Windows Live Photo Gallery(was a cool one!!)
about what could be the contents on blog and learnt that it could be anything.

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Blogging Workshop:First Day

March 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Blogging Workshop: A Journey of Discovery, organized by Microsoft Nepal, completed with applauds and criticism but was a success.We had honorable Minister Er. Ganesh Shah, Minister for Ministry of Environmental Science and Technology as our chief guest, who shared his ideas on ICT development and presented his thoughts of 7 E’s for the ICT Development in Nepal and it was quite interesting to see that his blog was live on the net. That was some matter of exception among the political leaders of our country.

Mr. Allen Tuladhar had presentations on the Microsoft’s Products at the first session of the program and the new thing was Windows Azure, where he quoted "Windows Azure’s gonna be the future of Internet as Windows XP or Vista is now for Desktops".
One of the most interesting things was that, Nepal’s gonna have the localized live services LIVE. It feels proud.
And for the first time in the history, the Nepali version of Windows 7 is going to be released along with the International Version.

After the inaugural session of the program, our blogging master/teacher  Mr. Suran Maharjan briefed on the theories of social media and Web 2.0

And Mr. Allen Tuladhar and Mr. Suran Maharjan did continue their presentations simultaneously, as Mr. Suran focussed on the theories while Mr. Allen focussed on the Windows Live Toolkit, those were handy for blogging.

Some videos about social media, Wiki were very much informative and had fun too(Boooo…….was a nice one)

Benefits at the day-end:

Windows Azure’s introduction
The emerging Live Services
Interesting thing was about the Nepali Localized Live Service.
The idea of Web 2.0
About Social Media
What Actually blogging means
What can we blog
What is Wiki(a video on this was really awesome)
unused ‘Treasures’ of Windows Live Service that could be exploited for a far better blogging

Configuring the WindowsLive Mail for live accounts

March 24, 2009 2 comments

I found a solution to those having problem in configuring their live accounts in WindowsLive Mail.

Incoming server: pop3.live.com

Port: 995

This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL): yes

Outgoing server (SMPT): smtp.live.com

Port: 25

Use the following type of encrypted connection: TLS

My outgoing server requires authentication: yes

Works well for me. Should work for you too.